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The perfect guide to how you increase your sales.

Here are a couple of points to keep in mind for an extra successful sale with Rituals products
- which you can use all year round!


That you are allowed to create your own catalogs and display Rituals products?

Many of our customers see a big increase in their sales when they include Rituals products in their own catalogs.

On our website you will find rec. prices and can easily download the images and materials you need.


That you get to show Rituals on your company's website?

As long as you can guarantee that no private person can shop and pay by card on your website, you are welcome to post and show Rituals products there.

Displaying the Rituals logo and letting your customers see that you can offer such a large and well-known brand as Rituals is usually highly appreciated.

That we help produce material if you want to do a specific campaign or newsletter?

Do you want to do your own campaign or mailing to your customers? Maybe put together your own set with Profile products + Rituals?

We will be more than happy to help with that!

Contact your seller to come up with something good together!


That you get to experience Rituals products before they are officially launched?

That's right - in B2B you get to take part in new Gift Sets and Limited Edition products before they are actually officially launched, which is incredibly fun! But, it means that there are some things that you have to think about. Read more below about what's important to keep in mind.

New design every year!

Every year in October, Rituals various Gift Sets are launched in a new design. Sometimes also in new rituals and with new product content.

Until the official launch, no products may be shown externally, other than in catalogues shared by us and you - to your customers only.

Rituals Gift sets are incredibly appreciated by employees and customers. It's a gift that shows care and that gives a little extra luxury in everyday life!

Social media - What applies?

Rituals is a retail company and are incredibly big in social media and marketing. Channels that reach mostly private individuals.

Therefore, it's incredibly important to think about how you use these channels - when it comes to Rituals products. It's not good if, for example, you happen to share something before its officially launched, right? 

Therefore, we advise you to always check with us - BEFORE you want to do any type of marketing on social media.

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